welcome to our paradise found around.

Mel Paradise Found Around

At its heart this is a travel site, though for us that doesn’t only mean trekking to places far and mysterious like some modern day Indiana Joneses or channeling our inner Neverlander at the Happiest Place(s) on Earth. It’s about finding our inner-Indiana Jones and Lost Boys, no matter where we are, whether it means sitting at a cubicle in uncomfortable shoes (though luckily at the moment it does not) or hiking up the ruins of Machu Picchu (which hopefully soon it will).

Mel’s idea of Paradise includes enjoying chocolate deliciousness à la Gerard Mark Paradise Found AroundMulot, watching the sun set over Paris along the Seine and surrounding herself with any and all things Disney. Mark’s idea of Paradise includes hours spent touring the Louvre, swaying in a hammock on a beach, and finishing the food Mel can’t eat at dinner.

Together we find Paradise traveling, relaxing, and currently living in Paris, with the boundless goal to find new paradises, no matter where they’re found, all around.

mark & mel