A Festive Fab 5 at the Central Hub

Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant and it’s unbelievable icicle lights are the star of Disneyland Paris’ Christmas decorations. Come nightfall, Sleeping Beauty’s castle looks as though it’s rooftops are awash in a glistening frozen snowfall. But, during the day the Central Hub has some particularly festive visitors that add to the holiday cheer.

It feels like we just celebrated Halloween at DLP, but they wasted no time replacing the pumpkin heads and colorful fall mums with poinsettias, beds of “snow” and some familiar looking friends.

Mickey and Minnie Snowmen Decorate Disneyland Paris

Mickey and Snowmen Decorate Disneyland Paris

Minnie, Mickey and the rest of the gang are dressed in their holiday best along with snowmen and women that bear a striking resemblance.

Goofy at Disney Central Hub

Minnie and Snowmen Decorate Disneyland Paris

The Castle stage gets a minor holiday make over for the Princess Promenade with white, gold and blue snowflakes.

Sleeping Castle Stage at Christmas

The Central Hub holiday overlay is a very merry addition to Christmas festivities that have taken over Main Street U.S.A. and beyond. Plus Chip & Dale as snowmen make for pretty great photo ops.