Cherry Blossom Season at Disneyland Paris

April in Paris. I’m going to go ahead and say there’s nothing better. The sun is shining, the subtle scent of springtime blooms wafts slowly through the air, the lines for Peter Pan reach over an hour. Oh yeah, April in Paris is one of the absolute best things to happen this side of the Atlantic, hands down.

Besides the holidays, the best two weeks of the year happen in April aka cherry blossom season (!!!). We’ve already made a list of all the fluffy, pink gorgeousness to be seen in Paris proper (and really, truly it is not to be missed), but another great place for cherry blossoms just happens to be the happiest.

Disneyland Paris Sorite Gate

Disneyland Paris boasts a surprisingly large number of sakura (Japanese cherry tree) throughout Disneyland Parc and a few over in Walt Disney Studios (just in front of the tram tour). Add to that the springtime overhaul of Town Square, the hub and what seems like every other plantable surface, and you’ve got some major flower power going on.

Cherry Blossoms in Paris

If you’re looking specifically for cherry blossoms, the best views by far are in Fantasyland. Head all the way back to the building that houses the meet and greet with Mickey near Toad Hall Restaurant and you’ll find yourself in a tiny cherry blossom heaven.

Disneyland Paris Meet Mickey Cherry Blossoms

The winding path to the left is lined with cherry blossom trees from start to finish- and when the wind blows just so and the petals begin to swirl, you’d swear you were in a dream. Make sure to walk all the way up to Fantasyland station for some choice photo ops.

Cherry Blossoms at Disneyland Paris Fantasyland Path

Cherry Blossoms with Disneyland Paris Castle

Extra Magic hours are great for a lot of reasons, not least of which is the opportunity to grab clear shots of the park. Since most guests will be more focused on hitting the rides first thing, this area of Fantasyland should be relatively empty and perfect for morning photographs. Plus now that it’s spring, you can still feel your fingers when you’re finished- winter EMH are beautiful, but brutal. Not a morning person? You’ll still have some luck before lunch time rolls around, with fewer crowds again during the dinner time rush.

Disneyland Paris Cherry Blossoms

Disneyland Paris Lamp with Cherry Blossoms

While you’re wandering, don’t forget to look up- Mr. Toad is everywhere. As it should be.

Disneyland Paris Cherry Blossoms and Mr Toad Weathervane

The path to the right of Mickey Mouse will take you straight up to the station. The landscaping here is dotted with some pretty blooms around Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, but it’s what is waiting for you at the top that’s worth the stop.

Disneyland Paris Cherry Blossoms

Disneyland Paris Cherry Blossoms by Alice's Castle

Disneyland Paris Cherry Blossoms Overlooking Fantasyland Castle

THAT VIEW. It’s spring time perfection. From here you can see all the way over to Disney Village, note the PanoraMagique (Characters in Flight) balloon on the left. For sunsets, I always recommend climbing to the top of Alice’s Curious Labyrinth, but during cherry blossom season, this is a little gem of a spot.

Fantasyland Castle and Disneyland Paris Cherry Blossoms

Seriously though, HOW IS THIS REAL LIFE.

When you’re eyes get tired of all that magic, the paths around Le Pays des Contes des Fées and Casey Jr. have some lovely little trees, and a ride on Le Petit Train du Cirque offers some nice views of the area.

Disneyland Paris Flowers by Casey Jr

While not specifically cherry blossoms, the blooms around it’s a small world are worth a look- and they really pop against the new color scheme.

Disneyland Paris Spring Flowers by it's a small world

Elsewhere in Fantasyland, pink trees surround Au Chalet de la Marionette and Peter Pan’s Flight. With all their outdoor seating, this is a great area to grab a bite and people watch if the weather is nice.

Disneyland Paris Spring Flowers by Chalet de la Marionnette

Spring Flowers at Disneyland Paris

In Frontierland, look for pink around Phantom Manor, especially near the dilapidated gazebo, and along the Rivers of the Far West (when they aren’t drained for construction that is).

Disneyland Paris Spring Flowers by Thunder Mountain

Disneyland Paris Cherry Blossoms by Phantom Manor

Spring Flowers at Disneyland Paris

Seeing the cherry blossoms during your trip basically comes down to good old fashioned luck. During our first spring in Paris, we missed pretty much every single cherry blossom throughout the entire city- no easy feat. So for the past couple of years, we’ve been out and about starting the last week in March through about the last week in April. This timeline all depends, of course, on the weather. Keeping an eye on instagram helps pinpoint where you should be going and when.

Cherry Blossom Sakura Trees at Disneyland Paris

Overall, spring at Disneyland Paris is hard to top. Christmas is magical but freezing and Halloween is super fun, but Swinging into Spring during cherry blossom season might just take the gâteau.

  • Keila Marciel

    Beautiful photos!! Love all the pink. Next time we visit DLP, I’ll have to make sure its during this season.

    • Paradise Found Around

      I just realized I missed your comment. Thank you so much for the kind words. If you can make it to DLP (or Paris) during cherry blossom season it really adds something extra special.