Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost

Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost is a counter service restaurant in Adventureland serving up salads, pizzas and light Italian fare. Open for lunch and dinner, this Jungle Book themed eatery puts you at one with your inner Mowgli.

Up the stairs, across the bridge, through the porch and past the fireplace (!) you reach the ordering area. Standard quick service rules apply – find the shortest line, order at the kiosk and pick up your meal at the counter.

Disneyland Paris Colonel Hathi's Outpost Exterior Bridge

When it’s time to find a seat, there really are no shortage of options or Disney details. From an old gramophone to safari hats, anything you might need to feel at home in the jungle can be found here. Artifacts that explorers have collected from around the world and murals depicting their adventures surround you in the main indoor dining room of Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost.

Coonel Hathi Pizza Outpost Interior Lighting

Colonel Hathi Pizza Outpost Interior Artifacts

Colonel Hathi PIzza Outpost Interior Mural

A giant tree serves as the focal point. Delve deeper into the former Explorer Club and you reach the veranda with lush greenery and lots of shady spots to hide from the mid-day sun.

Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost Dining Area

Colonel Hathi Pizza Outpost Interior Seating 1

People watchers can wander over to the outdoor patio that offers shaded tables or enjoy the view from the covered porch while tunes from the Jungle Book provide the soundtrack to your meal.


Unfortunately the food doesn’t quite hold up to the décor. We opted for the combo meal which are always a great idea for those looking to save some money at Disneyland Paris. They usually include an entree, side, dessert and drink and are shareable between two people. Our meal came with a “cheese” pizza, side salad, fruit cup and fountain soda for less than 15 euros. Don’t forget to show your annual pass for a discount and keep an eye on your receipt – coupons for a free beverage at other quick service locations can be found at the bottom!

I like to think I have reasonable expectations for mass produced pizza, but this just didn’t work. Yes, it contained cheese but also spinach (wha?) and other unidentifiable ingredients. In all fairness, some families in our general vicinity ordered pizza that looked much more appetizing so we may have just gotten the bum of the bunch. The salad was fresh and the fruit cup, while a bit small, was nice enough. We attempted to order the garlic bread with cheese but unfortunately they had sold out for the day. Next time.



I wouldn’t be averse to giving Colonel Hathi’s Outpost a go again in the future, but if you’re looking for a definite lunch or dinner time hit, this isn’t it. Instead grab a snack from the nearby Coolpost, find a seat and immerse yourself in all the wonderful Disney details this spot has to offer.