Quiet Corners of Disneyland Paris

In the hurry to get into and out of Disneyland Park, many guests may miss the hidden details of the breathtaking Fantasia Gardens, located directly in front of the Disneyland Hotel. With water fountains, character topiary and beautiful flowers covering nearly every inch of the entry, it’s easy to overlook the quiet spaces that could make this area more than just a thoroughfare.

Fantasia Gardens Gazebo and River

On either side of the main entrance, a bit off the beaten path, are the Fantasia Gardens gazebos perched atop running streams, shaded by greenery and even a bit hard to find (we’re looking at you left side gazebo) . Far enough away from foot traffic, you’ll not only enjoy a great view, but that priceless commodity known as peace and quiet.

From this vantage point perfect for people watching, just sit back, relax and watch the (Disney) world go by.