Quiet Corners of Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is truly a park meant to be explored. To wander. To linger. To find hidden pathways and secret tunnels. There is never just one way to get where you’re going in Disneyland and often the road less traveled will certainly reward the guest that slows down to take it all in. Details abound as Imagineers seem to have left no stone unturned when designing these five magical lands. So roam, meander, and get lost in the roots of Swiss Family Robinson or the jungle trails of Adventureland. There’s always fastpass…

Disneyland Paris Tipi Bridge

Located to the right of the entrance to Frontierland, these unassuming tipis are often missed by guests – unless they’re headed to the hidden restrooms around the corner. A small bridge, adjacent waterfall and tall, shady trees provide a welcome respite from the happy commotion on Main Street or the adventures that await just next door in the Wild West.

Disneyland Paris Tipi Waterfall