Spooky Serenades: Live Music for Halloween

One of the great things about visiting DLP during holiday periods is the special entertainment that, this being Halloween time, lurks around every corner. This Halloween season we see not one but two musical acts that add even more festivity to Main Street U.S.A.

The Hallo-Swing Orchestra and The Octoween Brass Band greet guests throughout the week at multiple times each day. Both acts put their spin on familiar villainous movie favorites but what’s really great to hear are the different interpretations of “Grim Grinning Ghosts” that make their way into each set. Both groups are super talented and should not be missed.

They are that good.

Disneyland Halloswing Orchestra Plays Halloween Music

Disneyland Octoween Brass Band Playing Halloween Music
Halloween Octoween Brass Band Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Octoween Brass Band Playing Halloween Music

Disneyland Halloswing Orchestra Playing Halloween Music

It is nice to see DLP investing in things like multiple musical acts throughout the park this season, harking back to the start of the Disneyland’s and Disney World’s when roaming entertainment was everywhere, what felt like all the time. It is the details such as these that bring the magic and the surprise back to parks. It’s not just about rides and fastpasses with touring plans and schedules. Things like this contribute to the kinetic atmosphere of a Disney park and are a large part of what makes Disney, Disney.

Listen to the Octoween Brass Band playing in Frontierland thanks to DLRP Fans: