From Main Street U.S.A. to Maleficent’s Brambles Halloween is Back at DLP!

Beginning October 1st, Halloween at Disneyland Paris is back!!!! From the moment guests step through those turnstiles they are surrounded by the colors, sounds and smells of fall. And pumpkins – lots and lots of pumpkins. Let’s take a walk right down the middle of Main Street U.S.A., shall we?

Perhaps the very best show of seasonal flare was in Town Square where character lanterns hung from pumpkin vines and a goulish band hangs from the rafters.

Town Square Halloween Decorations

Mickey Pumpkins in Town Square

halloween town square ghost
Halloween at Disneyland Paris Ghost

halloween town square ghost 8

halloween town square ghost3

Town Square Ghost Family

Disneyland Paris Ghost Couple

Disney Ghosts of Town Square
halloween town square ghosts 15

halloween at disneyland paris town square ghost

halloween town square ghost 9

Main Street U.S.A. was dressed to the nines with ghosts of Main Street past and brightly colored bunting around every corner. Carved pumpkins adorned the rooftops, bushels of sunflowers gathered around garlands of foliage and orange street lamps help set the eerie mood – complete with witch hat and all. Don’t forget to listen closely, those friendly ghouls have a thing or two to say!

City Hall during Halloween at Disneyland Paris

halloween ghosts in disneyland paris town hall

Town Hall during Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Main Street U.S.A. during Halloween at Disneyland Paris
halloween main street usa 9

halloween main street usa 12

Town Square Lightpost During Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Emporium at Halloween

halloween main street usa3

Main Street Gazette during Halloween at Disneyland Paris
Bixby Brothers Ghost on Main Street U.S.A.

halloween main street usa2

Market House Deli during Halloween at Disneyland Paris

halloween main street bixby borthers
halloween main street usa ghosts

halloween main street usa1

halloween main street usa
halloween main street usa 6

halloween main street usa 7

halloween main street usa 8

Casey's Corner for Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Follow the foliage down the happiest street on earth and you’ll reach the Central Plaza, where Mums in bright yellows, deep maroons and burnt oranges provide the perfect back drop for giant pumpkin heads of our favorite Fab 5. Real pumpkins litter the landscape and are a nice addition to the larger than life decor on display.

halloween pumpkins central hub

halloween pumpkins central hub 4
halloween donald pumpkin2

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin During Halloween at Disneyland Paris

And while Sleeping Beauty’s Castle looks magnificent against all that is Fall, it’s what’s in store behind it that will put you in the Halloween mood. Over the draw bridge and through the back, Maleficent has worked her magic on a giant patch of brambles glowing green with an eerie fog pouring from it’s center. If you look closely enough, you may even spot the dragon herself molded from the vines.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle Gate on Halloween

Maleficent's Bramble in Fantasyland

halloween bramble 2

Dragon Bramble in Disneyland

halloween bramble 5

Bramble Beneath Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Maleficent Bramble Growing in Fantasyland

halloween bramble 7

Not to be overlooked is the special music chosen for this spooky section of Fantasyland with classical interpretations of Disney villain anthems such as “Kill the Beast” from Beauty and the Beast and “Battle with the Forces of Evil” from Sleeping Beauty.

Overall, the seasonal layover is spectacular this fall at Disneyland Paris. Details abound so be sure to take your time exploring all of the genius imagineering throughout the park – they have really outdone themselves.

Halloween looks good on you, DLP.

Disneyland Paris Welcomes Guest for Halloween