Last Chance Cafe

Last Chance Cafe is a lunch and dinner quick service restaurant located in Frontierland serving up Tex-Mex favorites and traditional park fare for reasonable prices. According to Disneyland Paris, this is “the last outpost of the lawless Frontier days of old,” and truth be told, it feels like it. Though small in footprint, Last Chance Cafe’s rustic charm lends itself well to the rough and tumble, gun slingin’, gold minin’ Thunder Mesa.

Disneyland Paris Last Chance Cafe Outdoor Seating

While The Lucky Nugget and Silver Spur Steakhouse cater to the upper classes of the Wild Wild West, outlaws and vagrants head to The Last Chance Cafe for a quick, low key meal to fill them up and get them on their way. With no indoor seating, cowboys and guests alike can grab a seat on the outdoor patio with views onto the Rivers of the far West and the Molly Brown. Saddles, lanterns and rusty moonshine bottles line the wooden beams overhead- proof that you are not the first to try your luck or kick off your boots in Thunder Mesa.

Disneyland Paris Last Chance Cafe Outdoor Seating

Head through the big red doors where mining lights illuminate the hammered copper counter and replicas of vintage wanted posters that line the walls.

Disneyland Paris Last Chance Cafe Wanted Posters

Disneyland Paris Last Chance Cafe Sign

With such a small space, guests mosey on up to the counter where they’ll place and receive their order. But never fear, the lines move quick in these parts and you should be back out on the range in no time.

Disneyland Paris Last Chance Cafe Ordering Line

Along with the usual chicken nuggets, fries and salads are some more unique options, like sweet corn cream soup, vegetable taquitos and chili con carne with nachos. See the full menu here. All items on the menu are a la carte, with no option for a menu deal (which is unfortunate since that’s definitely the best bang for your buck at DLP). Annual Pass discounts are honored here and as always, don’t forget to check the bottom of your receipt for a coupon.

We ordered the chicken wings (8 pieces) with BBQ sauce and fries (8.79, less the AP discount). Always in the market for a little heat, I was disappointed to see that the BBQ sauce was served on the side and not cooked on the wings. Those looking for a more mild meal will enjoy this as there is absolutely no spice to the ilou sauce that DLP pairs with all their quick service items. (Does anyone else find their ketchup really odd?) The wings are small but the portion size is quite reasonable for the price point. Clearly these are brought in from a freezer bag somewhere, but that being said, they weren’t bad at all. The fries were your standard variety found park wide.

Last Chance Cafe BBQ Wings Disneyland Paris

With the cold and windy winter weather that’s been hitting Paris lately, both a hot chocolate and a sugared doughnut (treats keep you warm, didn’t you know?) were in order. Both were exactly as expected and capped off the maybe-not-so-healthy-but-lets-not-think-about-it meal. Thank goodness calories don’t count in Disney.

Disneyland Paris Last Chance Cafe Pause Gourmande Donut

It was so cold that evening that we grabbed our grub and high tailed it over to the indoor seating at Casey’s Corner. Quick tip: If you walk along side the porch of The Lucky Nugget and and bear right, the hallway will lead you straight to the Liberty Arcade and the side entrance to the dining room at Casey’s. That way you’re warm, your food is warm, everybody wins!

Overall, Last Chance Cafe is a nice little stop if you find yourself looking for gold in all the wrong places and hunger hits. While you won’t find fancy fixin’s here, you will find speedy service and a couple of items off the beaten path of theme park cuisine. Vegetarians have a few options to choose from besides salad with the addition of taquitos and corn soup, which is always a bonus. Though its operating hours are a bit sporadic, Last Chance Cafe keeps its doors open later than most other quick service restaurants when it’s serving.