Maleficent’s Court

New this year for the Halloween season is Maleficent’s Court, taking place each day behind the castle. Join the mistress of evil herself along with some very villainous friends for a meet and greet around the brambles that have sprung up just in time for the spookiest day of the year.

In a burst of smoke atop the castle balcony, Maleficent welcomes guests to the soirée where Gaston, Frollo, Jafar, Cruella De Vil, Captain Hook and The Evil Queen surround the bramble patch to sign autographs and take photos.

Maleficent Appears at Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Maleficent Dragon Bramble in Disneyland

Maleficent Appears on Sleeping Beauty's Castle Balcony

Evil Queen at Maleficent's Court in Disneyland
Gaston at Maleficent's Court in Disneyland

Bramble in Maleficent's Court in Disneyland Paris

Claude Frollo at Maleficent's Court

With no character attendants things can get a bit hectic but it’s still a great opportunity to meet your favorite movie villains. Just make sure you’re in place when Maleficent’s greeting is over so that you don’t end up at the back of this:

Guests Meet the Villains of Maleficent's Court in Disneyland

And, if you see DLP Cast Members walking around with baskets of goodies, feel free to stop and grab some for yourself- Haribo candies and Halloween themed game packet for kids are a nice treat.

Candy Baskets at Maleficent's Court
Halloween at Disneyland Paris with Haribo Candy