March Hare Refreshments

March Hare Refreshments is a small quick service location in Fantasyland serving up snacks, sweet treats and beverages throughout the day. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups provide the colorful backdrop for this tiny, thatched roof cottage that becomes quite the popular stop during the afternoon hours. Whimsical chairs across from and next to this humble abode provide somewhat limited seating for your dining needs.

On those few occasions when it is open in the morning, March Hare is a nice stop to pick up a treat or two, since it’s more than likely you’ll be trying your luck at the Fantasyland rides anyways. The crowds seem to overlook it in favor of restaurants on Main Street USA and you’ll seldom find long lines. If you’re in a hurry and just need a breakfast fix, this will definitely fit the bill.

From lunch to early evening it’s a different story though, as guests find themselves in need of a mid-day pick me up. Not to worry, lines move quickly in comparison to other DLP eateries (ahem, Pizzeria Bella Notte) and you’ll be sitting pretty in no time.

March Hare Refreshments Disneyland Paris Seating

The menu is small and changes often. It usually includes cakes, ice cream, even the occasional crepe, plus any number of beverages. For about 6 Euros you can opt for the “combination meal,” which is your choice of hot or cold beverage and the featured treat. During the holiday season, March Hare is also home to specialty snacks and the super delicious spiced wine.  Keep in mind that March Hare Refreshments does not honor the Annual Pass 10% discount.

March Hare Refreshments Disneyland Paris Snack

I pop in for a quick coffee now and again because I love to sit on the benches by it’s a small world and watch the (Disney) world pass by on a nice day. This time around I ordered  a cappuccino and double Mickey cake. The two cakes were labeled as chocolate and almond, but the almond tasted more like a plain pound cake than anything else. The chocolate was a bit like a brownie, but lighter, and both hit the spot. Very good, recommended for a light snack and a good value if you’re looking to use your Pause Gourmande vouchers. And let’s not forget that everything tastes better when it’s Mickey shaped.

Fun fact: When it’s working, the Dormouse will pop in and out of the giant pink tea pot just like in Alice in Wonderland (though that tea pot was yellow…if we’re being technical here). Also in the movie, Dormouse is seated at the table in between the March Hare and the Mad Hatter- this happens to be his exact location in DLP- coincidence or Imagineering genius- who can say?

Another fun fact: Wikipedia says the Dormouse’s nationality is Wonderland. How delightful.

March Hare Refreshments Disneyland Paris Tables

Overall, March Hare Refreshments is a small, but satisfying little place that’s there if you need it during your voyage to Fantasyland. It’s not worth a stop all on its own (unless of course it’s Christmastime and freezing, in which case the mulled wine is a must), but it’s a pleasant way to grab a tea time treat or quick cup of joe before your next adventure in Wonderland.

Find the current menu at DLP Guide here.