Market House Deli

Market House Deli is a quick service restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at the very heart of Disneyland Paris: Main Street U.S.A. Baked goods make up the morning menu while later in the day offerings consist of hot and cold sandwiches, salads, snacks and treats.


Themed to an old American general store, this 19th century deli has all the charms of a neighborhood grocer including an old fashioned ice box, shelves of canned goods, a stained glass upright piano, even a pot belly stove direct from Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. Venture far enough back and you might just find yourself overhearing a party line conversation with your ham and cheese.


There aren’t too many places to enjoy breakfast at Disneyland Park, but if quick and easy is your goal, Market House will fit the bill. Croissants, muffins and cinnamon rolls round out the food stuffs come park opening at 8am, which is good news for guests taking advantage of Extra Magic Hours. For international guests black coffee is served along side coffee with milk and espresso, but sizes are small so if you’re in need of a caffeine boost, head to Starbucks in Disney Village for your Venti.



For lunch and dinner, grab a tray and head to the deli cases where you’ll find a small variety of items both hot and cold main dishes. Baguette sandwiches such as chicken and tomato or grilled vegetable are stacked high next to large, fresh salads. Hot entree items include a croque monsiuer and a brushetta/pizza like dish. Everything is self serve, so take what you’d like and proceed around the corner to the cash register for fountain beverages or coffee. Both the right and left side offer the same assortment of baked goods, so choose the shortest line or the fastest looking cast member.

Market House Deli Snack

Muffins, pastries, cookies and cakes round out the treat selection on a regular basis, but Market House Deli is also a great place to find seasonal cakes and cupcakes, even though the offerings lately have been slim. (If you can’t find them here, head next door to the Cable Car Bake Shop).


Unfortunately, Market House does not offer any combo deals so unless you’re on the dining plan, every item is a la cart- including your beverage. They do honor annual passholder discounts however, so don’t forget to show your card!

Market House Deli Cupcakes

Seating inside is hard to come by. There are a number of small tables in the front of the restaurant and lining the windows but space is limited and it’s understandable- eating lunch with a view of Main Street is a covetable position. Umbrellas offer shade at outdoor tables on Flower Street for perhaps the most atmospheric seating on one of the world’s most iconic streets.

In the early morning this isn’t so much of an issue, but come 9:30/10 am, you’ll be hard pressed to find a vacancy. During peak seasons and peak meal time, lines can spill out onto the street. This isn’t helped by the fact that Market House Deli is one of the only restaurants serving hot meals open until Disney Dreams! takes place at the end of the night. Try and visit outside of 12-2pm and 7pm-park close to avoid the rush.


When we stopped by for lunch, we were tempted by the croque monsieur. Upon inspection it didn’t look like much and quite frankly, we were a bit weary of the whole heating lamp situation at first. But looking around it seemed everyone at every table had gotten over it, so we did too. It’s a good thing we did because we were pleasantly surprised with a warm, fluffy, croque monsieur. What the menu called crème fraîche, we considered a very mild béchamel sauce and really helped make it not just a hot ham and cheese sandwich. It’s not going to be Paris good, but the food at Market House Deli is a solid choice and really, that’s not what you’re here for anyways. Here, it’s all about location, location, location. 

Market House Croque Monsieur

You just can’t beat Main Street U.S.A., so sit back, relax and take it all in. You’ve arrived in the most magical place on earth and on top of that, you’ve got some pretty delicious food. Magical moments may commence.