Mickey’s Halloween Celebration Parade

Back for it’s second year, Mickey’s Halloween Celebration is a delightful afternoon parade with characters donning their festival best, harvest inspired floats, foliage dressed dancers and an incredibly catchy soundtrack. How you manage to make a handful of songs about fall instantly hummable I’m not sure, but Disney does it again with this seasonal number.

Miss Harvest herself kicks off the festivities along with a bevy of dancers.


halloween daisy daners 1
Daisy Duck in Mickey's Halloween Celebration


Farmer Donald, Huey, Dewey and Louie ride by on their wagon float. Not to be forgotten, Scrooge McDuck and his pumpkin o’money find a nice spot on the back.

halloween donald float2

halloween donald float 7
halloween scrooge mcduck

Winnie the Pooh and Friends are up next with wagons full of treats and pumpkin dancers.

Winnie the Pooh in Mickey's Halloween Celebration

Pumpkin Dancers in Mickey's Halloween Celebration

halloween pooh and friends

halloween pooh 1
Eyore Walks in Mickey's Halloween Celebration

Winnie the Pooh During Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Pluto makes his way down the parade route flanked by brightly colored scarecrows and followed by more pumpkin dancers – this time with more bat. Despite their lack of float, Pluto and his pumpkin gang brought so much fun and energy that this just might be the best section of the parade. There was so much going on from the choreographed numbers to the swinging bats and the different costumes – it’s a great segway into the newest parade addition that follows.

halloween pluto
halloween pluto 8

Pluto in Mickey's Halloween Celebration

halloween pluto2
Pluto in Mickey's Halloween Celebration at DLP

Mickey's Halloween Celebration with Pluto

halloween pluto 5
halloween pluto 4

New this year is “Raise the Rafters,” featuring lesser known characters Clarabelle Cow, her boyfriend, Horrace Horsecollar (though she’s been linked with Goofy on occasion as well, ahem) and the three little pigs. Though appearances by all (could they be the next fab 5?!) began in the 1930′s and haven’t gotten much love since, it’s nice to see a resurgence of old school Disney making it’s way to special events in the parks.

Raise the Rafters Float in Mickey's Halloween Celebration

Mickey's Halloween Celebration at Disneyland Paris

Horace Horsecollar in Mickey's Halloween Celebration
Disneyland Paris Mickeys Halloween Celebration

Mickeys Halloween Celebration Raise the Rafters

The final float includes the big cheese himself along with his lady love in a giant cornucopia. Chip, Dale and Clarice close out the parade on the back filled to the brim with acorns.

Mickey's Halloween Celebration Dancers

Mickey and Minne in Disneyland Paris Parade
Chip Rides in Mickey's Halloween Celebration

Mickey's Halloween Parade Cornucopia Float

Minnie and Mickey in Disneyland Paris Halloween Parade

Mickey's Halloween Celebration Chipmunks
Mickey's Halloween Celebration Sunflower Dancer

Disneyland Paris Mickey's Halloween Celebration Chipmunks

Mickey’s Halloween Celebration is a fun and festive way to enjoy your favorite characters for the holiday. With the addition of a new float and some vintage friends. it’s definitely a must see for any fan visiting during Disneyland Paris’ spookiest time of the year.

Watch the celebration down float down Main Street U.S.A thanks this wonderful video from our friends at DLRP Fans: