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Phantom Manor is the only Disney Haunted Mansion specifically designed to look old and unkempt. A mansion, once the crown jewel of Thunder Mesa, is now in ruins, and everything from the unruly grounds to the eerie Boot Hill Cemetery and of course the outdoor queue, is designed to showcase this theme.

Walk through the gate and up the stairs, and you’ll notice a dilapidated gazebo to your left, complete with antique glassware. When this attraction first opened, the objects (a tea set for two) moved so as to give the impression that spirits were enjoying a tea time break from haunting Ravenswood Manor. This along with the original music box score of Grim Grinning Ghosts that played from the gazebo have since been discontinued- an area that even the phantoms of Phantom Manor have long since forgotten.

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    I was surprised when I first visited Haunted Mansion In WDW and saw pics from DL and it didn’t look much like an old haunted house. I like DLP’s take on it!

    • http://paradisefoundaround.com/ Paradise Found Around

      It’s definitely completely different from WDW- from the story line to its appearance. It’s great to have unique versions at the parks over the world and this one is really fun!