Rémy’s Totally Awesome Ratatouille Ride

Forget about the LPS trackless dark ride technology, massive 3-D projection screens, six years of development and $150 million budget, because all you need to know about Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy is that it is the greatest ride ever to blow your mind.

Ratatouille Movie Still Rémy

© Disney Enterprises, Inc./ Pixar Animation Studios

Of course mind blowing is a matter of opinion and not everyone will find the ride amazing, but as far as I’m concerned it is the best experience to be had in Disneyland Paris. Everything about this E-ticket ride is well-designed and thoughtful, and it begins as soon as you step foot onto La Place de Rémy.  The ride itself, modeled after a Parisian theater, hosts tickets booths on either side of the entrance and a whiskered marquee above.

The Ratatouille Ride in Disneyland Paris

The ride’s wordy name is actually a confusing pun on the French language with toqué meaning “zany” in French and a toque being one of those funny tall white hats chefs wear. Of course for English speakers this is entirely lost in translation and they are left with “Ratatouille: Remy’s Totally Zany Adventure,” or “Ratatouille: The Adventure” or my personal favorite, the Ratatouille ride.

Perhaps even more confusing is that the name was specifically chosen because of the onomatopoeia that it creates when said (according to an interview with several imagineers). That’s right, onomatopoeia - a word that when said imitates the sound of what it refers to, like “splash” or “meow.” So listen real close while riding and you might just hear “Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy” coming from those trackless tracks.

But enough semantics. Get ready for the ride of your Disney life…in about 60 minutes, which is about how long the wait will be to get in. Of course you might have Fast Passes or, caring less about sharing this experience with friends and family, strolled right through the single rider line, which is what I recommend you do most of the time except your first. Neither of those short cuts will allow you to experience the queue in it’s entirety, and although it isn’t intense, it should be seen at least once.

Ratatouille Adventure Ride Lines

Ratatouille Ride Fast Pass Sign

As you enter the “theater” in your regular human size, listening to the Ratatouille song which will be impossible not to hum after you leave, you’ll find yourself walking atop some Parisian rooftops surrounding Gusteau’s restaurant, whose sign comes alive in a rather delightful way. You make your way to your Ratmobile, where upon seating you are turned to rat size as your surroundings grow larger. From there you’re off, following Rémy through Gusteau’s kitchen, dining room and finally Rémy’s rat friendly bistrot. Along the way you’ll smell some delicious smells, get slightly singed by the ovens, and be blown away by a champagne bottle. The Ratatouille ride is an entertaining time and if you don’t find yourself giggling like a little girl there is probably something wrong with you.

Ratatouille Ride Gusteau Rooft

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Ratatouille Ride Ratmobile

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Ratatouille Ride Food Freezer

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I won’t spoil what happens during the ride but if you can’t wait and need to see it immediately here’s a video ride through, though it doesn’t really do the ride justice and looks more like you’re watching a movie from a seat in the shape of rat rather than zipping around Gasteau’s. Actually, come to think of it, that is pretty much what it’s like – an interactive movie.

Once you’re done racing through the walls of Gusteau’s you’ll find that Disneyland Paris has perfectly paired the ride with the adjoining Bistrot Chez Rémy restaurant, so that the ride ends in the restaurant both visually and literally (though you still have to go outside to get into the actual restaurant). If you are planning on eating at Chez Rémy and want to start your meal off right, hop on the Ratatouille ride and let it glide you through one of the best pre-dinner experiences out there.

To recap: if you like Ratatouille the movie, doing awesome things, and riding Disney rides then Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy is for you. And if for some strange reason it doesn’t blow your mind you will at the very least walk away knowing two things: what it’s like to be a Pixar rat and what’s its like to experience a great, original ride at Disneyland Paris.