Swing into Spring 2015

Swing into Spring is a delightful celebration of the season taking place for the second time at Disneyland Paris, this year from March 1st through May 31st. Colorful flowers, character topiary and new shows help bring in the cheerful Spring season with even more entertainment than before. Festival highlights include La Garden Party de Dingo (Goofy’s Garden Party), Bienvenue à la Belle Saison (Welcome to Spring) and Le Petit Train du Printemps de Minnie (Minnie’s Little Spring Train)- all of which elicit the help of over 100 performers. See the weekly schedule from DLPGuide here.


Decorations on the Disneyland Railroad return- now with more leaf.

Swing into Spring 2015 Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris Spring Entrance

Town Square is as beautiful as ever with spring flowers, musical notes and butterflies covering the gazebo head to toe. Elegant Mary Poppins topiary return along with the kite flying Jane and Michael. Oh, and penguins. Because who doesn’t love waitering penguins? I have to say though, I’m kind of partial to the turtles.

When real flowers are planted later this month, this area will truly shine.

Swing into Spring 2015 Disneyland Paris Town Square

Swing into Spring 2015 Disneyland Paris Gazebo

Swing into Spring Disneyland Gazebo Flowers

Disneyland Paris Mary Poppins Penguin

Mary Poppins Topiary

Disneyland Paris Turtles

Disneyland Paris Swing into Spring Topiary

Mary Poppins Topiary

Swing into Spring 2015

Disneyland Paris Spring Gazebo

Even Main Street U.S.A. gets in on the springtime celebration with cheerful flower baskets on the lamp posts.

Swing into Spring 2015 Main Street Lamp Post

Colorful topiary can be found from Town Square through to the central hub. Characters from The Lion King, 101 Dalmations, Bambi and The Aristocats play amongst brightly colored woodchips for now- the frigid Parisian temperatures not allowing for flowerbeds just yet. I’m sure if they are anything like last year’s, you won’t be disappointed come warmer weather.

Swing into Spring 2015 Disneyland Paris Lion King Topiary

Swing into Spring 2015 Bambi Topiary

Disneyland Paris Swing into Spring 2015 Topiary

Disneyland Paris Aristocats Topiary

UPDATE: The themed topiary look even better with all those glorious spring blooms:






Minnie’s Little Spring Train

What used to serve as the platform for the band in last year’s Spring Promenade is now Minnie’s Little Spring Train that runs from Town Square, around the central hub and back down Main Street U.S.A. Borrowing a super catchy song from Tokyo Disney’s Easter Celebration, this tiny parade featuring Minnie, Clarabelle, Clarice and all your favorite rabbits is a cute addition to the Spring line up.

Watch the full video from Inside DLParis here.

Minne Little Spring Train Disneyland Paris

Swing into Spring 2015 Minne Little Spring Train

Minne Little Spring Train Disneyland Paris Swing into Spring 2015

Minne Little Spring Train

Minne Little Spring Train Main Street USA

Disneyland Paris Minne Little Spring Train

Goofy’s Garden Party

This year, Disney’s Spring Promenade has transformed into La Garden Party de Dingo, or Goofy’s Garden Party. Favorite characters dressed in their springtime finest along with dancers and motorized “gardens” circle the central hub with a new song and elaborate new costumes (can we please talk about those hats!), making this afternoon parade a lot different than its slightly smaller predecessor from last year.

Goofy's Garden Party Hats

2014′s Spring Promenade seemed more personal somehow. The live musicians were a real treat and something I miss most of all this time around. Plus, it was the first time hearing the incredibly catchy, “Spring Fever,” which cannot be overstated. So perhaps it will just take some getting used to, but as it stands, I think I prefer the original. That said, I’m happy to see DLP expanding and investing in these performances and turning them more into a serious spectacle, adding weight to this season as a whole.

Swing into Spring Goofy's Garden Party

To start things off, Goofy and his Flower Power People descend from Sleeping Beauty Castle and into the central hub where a short song and dance number allows the characters, dancers and topiary to move from the side of Victoria’s/Gibson Girl to Main Street U.S.A. next to the Information Board.

Goofy's Garden Party Disneyland Paris

Eventually the performers circle the hub, with Minnie and Mickey and Donald and Daisy arriving in their Spring Cars just in time to join the party.

Swing into Spring 2015 Disneyland Paris Parade

It took a couple of viewings to know where I wanted to situate myself so as to see and experience as much of the show as possible. The top corners of Main Street offer great vantage points for everything, but for more interaction with the characters, you might want to find a spot to the right or left of the central hub area. Facing the castle, Mickey and Minnie park their car on the left side, while Donald and Daisy do the same on the right. Both couples make the full loop, but it helps to be on the correct side if you want more time or pictures with either.

Daisy Duck Disneyland Paris

Pooh and Friends follow suit to the left of central hub, while Alice, the Mad Hatter, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Pinocchio, Gepetto, Clarabelle and Horace Horsecollar end up primarily on the right. Again, everyone makes the rounds, but it’s a question of having the most time possible with your preferred group. I’m just going to come right out and say it though: I miss springtime Stitch.

To get a better idea of the layout (or really, just to listen to the music) see the full video by Inside DLParis here.

As a side note here- when is DLP going to begin selling the soundtrack to Swing into Spring?

Dingo Disneyland Paris

Goofy's Garden Party Parade Disneyland paris

Swing into Spring Goofy's Garden Party

Disneyland Paris Spring Parade

Swing into Spring Parade Dancers

Disneyland Paris Spring Costume

Swing into Spring 2015 Goofy's Garden Party Parade Characters

Welcome to Spring

Disney’s “Mary Poppins” is the name of the game here, with Ms. Supercalafragalistic herself making an appearance along with Bert and the ever lovable penguins.  Bienvenue à la Belle Saison, or Welcome to Spring, has been “plussed” this year, as Mr. Walt Disney might say, and after seeing it multiple times over multiple days, I quite like it. It’s energetic, fun and you can’t beat the backdrop of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Again, the only thing really missing here are the live bands.

Swing into Spring 2015 Disneyland Castle

Watch the full video from DLP Welcome here.

Welcome to Spring Show Disneyland Paris

Welcome to Spring Show Disneyland Paris Stage

Mary Poppins Welcome to Spring Castle Show

Swing into Spring 2015 Show

Swing into Spring 2015 Disneyland Paris

Live Music

This year what we lack in live music during Goofy’s Garden Party/Welcome to Spring, we get back times two with the Jolly Holiday Band in Town Square in Disneyland Park and the Studio One Orchestra in Walt Disney Studios Park. DLP does live music right and both bands are fantastic. It’s such a treat to see an investment in live entertainment that adds to the overall ambience of the Park in such a phenomenal way. I can’t get enough of these guys and I make sure to see both as many times as I can.

Jolly Holiday Band Disneyland Paris

Swing into Spring 2015 Jolly Holiday Band

Swing into Spring 2015

Swing into Spring 2015 Studio 1 Orchestra

Studio 1 Orchestra Disneyland Paris

Meet and Greets

Swing into Spring Welcome Topiary

There are several Meet and Greets around Disneyland Park this season. Minnie greets guests at her home by Town Square, all decked out for Spring. Thumper and Miss Bunny meet where Rapunzel is usually situated, outside Casey’s Corner. Rapunzel has been temporarily moved to Fantasyland.

Minnie Meet and Greet Disneyland Paris


It’s nice to see merchandise available for purchase this year: mugs, small Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals, grow-your-own-topiary, backpacks and change purses and a magnet (not pictured). While the selection is small and WDW fans will recognize the design of the mugs from Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival, it’s certainly a welcome change from a lot of the more generic DLP items that are for sale park wide. Here’s hoping more specialized merch is introduced in the future!

Swing into Spring 2015 Merchandise Mugs

Swing into Spring 2015 Merchandise Bags

Swing into Spring 2015 Merchandise Topiary

Swing into Spring 2015 Merchandise Stuffed Animals


Special food items are limited, but the Cable Car Bakeshop and Market House Deli do offer some Spring cupcakes if your sweet tooth is calling. The Lucky Nugget also has a spring combination meal available during lunch and dinner.

Cable Car Bake Shop Swing into Spring 2015 Cupcakes

Disney Village

Spring has sprung in Disney Village as well, where guests will find small huts serving up everything from fruit smoothies to beignets, all surrounded by character topiary.

Disneyland Paris Disney Village Swing into Spring

Disneyland Paris Disney Village Swing into Spring 2015 Candy

Disneyland Paris Disney Village Swing into Spring Shops

Disneyland Hotel

The Disneyland Hotel has a special Meet and Greet area in the main lobby along with some springtime decorations in and around Cafe Fantasia.

Disneyland Paris Hotel Swing into Spring 2015

Cafe Fantasia is even serving a Swing into Spring menu with themed cupcakes, cocktails and macaroons. See the menu from DisneylandBerry here.

Cafe Fantasia Swing into Spring 2015


Swing into Spring 2015 Disneyland Paris

For those familiar with Walt Disney World’s Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot, think of Swing into Spring as Flower and Garden Festival Lite- with music…and less food. Unfortunately there are no food and wine festival booths outdoor kitchens, but I’m still holding out hope for the future- that could be the next step to a fully fledged Spring season at DLP.

Mickey and Minne During Swing into Spring 2015

Despite it’s smaller footprint on the park than other seasonal holidays such as Halloween or Christmas (Swing into Spring decorations are largely omitted from lands other than Main Street U.S.A.) the brightly colored overlay and its’ cheery disposition brings with it a joyous atmosphere and makes for quite the jolly holiday indeed at Disneyland Paris this season.