Top 5* Foods Unique to Disneyland Paris

The food scene at Disneyland Paris feels sometimes, in a word, lacking. After all, we are located in the culinary capital of the world. With so many elegant pâtisseries, mouth watering bistros and smelly fromageries just a short RER ride away, it’s astounding that DLP isn’t changing the landscape of theme park foods and pushing the envelope with new (read: delicious) ideas.

Both its American counterparts, Disneyland and Walt Disney World, have cult following foods- dole whips, churros and Mickey ice cream bars to name a few. And yes, I am aware that Paris’ weather report throughout the year reads more cold and rainy than not, so logically speaking we don’t need all those ice cream carts that they have across the pond, but I ask you this- when is a Mickey ice cream ever a bad idea?

With all that said, there are a few notable Disneyland Paris specific goodies worth checking out on your visit abroad.

1. Hakuna Fries at Restaurant Hakuna Matata. These tasty bits of fried goodness are lightly spiced and hugely delicious. They also come in a pretty large basket so if you really wanted to share, you could. But trust me, you don’t. Think it over.

Restaurant Hakuna Mutata Disneyland Paris

2.  Tiramisu at Bistrot Chez Rémy. While this isn’t your typical Italian serving, this ice cream sundae-like dessert is definitely worth the 8 euro price tag. Despite my extreme chocolate leanings, I made the game time decision to order this instead when I saw them flying off the dessert cart left and right- and with good reason- decadent layers of cream and cocoa dusted lady fingers make this the best thing on the menu by far.

Bistrot Chez Remy Tiramisu Disneyland Paris

3. Warm chocolate fondant from Walt’s An American Restaurant. Though the accoutrements for this dessert change seasonally, the warm chocolate part does not and therefore, is highly recommended. When I ordered this over the holiday season, it came with red fruit coulis and cherry compote and it was magnificent. Right now it’s served with caramel and pistachios, but I’d venture to say any way you get your fondant is a good way.

Walt's American Restaurant Fondant

4. Italian Ice from Fantasia Gelati. Sometimes also referred to as gelato on the menu (they don’t know how to describe it either), this icy treat is neither of those things. It looks like soft serve and tastes like heaven. There’s something there (pixie dust?) that pushes this from ordinary ice cream to I-don’t-even-care-that-it’s-freezing-out-I-must-have-it-now territory.

Fantasia Gelati Disneyland Paris

5. Mickey waffles from Café Fantasia. Last but certainly not least, a beacon of hope for all those wishing the stateside classics would hop a boat already. Offered throughout the day (though for a moment there they were replaced by crepes, to which I say, “blah.”), these are the real deal- served with whipped cream, jam and Nutella for a treat vacation dreams were made of. Really, did you even go to Disneyland Paris if you didn’t enjoy some Mickey waffles?

Mickey Waffles Disneyland Paris

So, while DLP might not be living up to its true potential (You are the country that produced Gérard Mulot for goodness sake!), there are some tasty treats to be had if you know where to look.

See all the current menus at Disneyland Paris from DLPGuide here.

*It’s really just 4 unique foods plus 1 food that you can’t pass up at any Disney park, any where. Because Mickey waffles, guys.

  • Filipe Kian

    Unfortunately waffle is not served anymore.

  • Eleanor

    This is a great list. I will keep these in mind for my trip in November x

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    Great list, I’ll definitely keep these in mind when I visit! That gelato looks amazing.

    • Paradise Found Around

      Thanks! The gelato is definitely worth a stop- so so good!