Town Square Winter Wonderland

Main Street U.S.A. is extra magical this time of year. From the pine trees in Town Square to the snow at the Central Hub, Disneyland Paris is decked out for the holidays in a major way. You’ll find presents under the giant Christmas tree and festive horse drawn trolleys, holiday garland and wreaths of every shape and size. And of course, this all sets the stage for one of the best parts of all- snow on Main Street!

Extra Magic hours are a life saver as far as rides go (Peter Pan, anyone?), but another perk of getting to the parks early, especially in the winter, is the pleasure of watching the sunrise over DLP. Arriving in the morning, when the lights are all aglow and the Christmas tunes waft in from every direction, well, does it get any better? Holiday foliage has been planted in front of the Disneyland Hotel, making the big cheese himself extra festive, and brightly colored garland at the entrance sets the tone for your Disney Christmas day.

Disneyland Paris Hotel

The Disneyland Paris Railroad station is not shy about announcing the arrival of the holidays with lights, bows and the biggest Mickey shaped wreath you’ll find outside of the Contemporary at WDW. Mickey and the gang welcome guests from the moment you walk through those turnstiles.

Disneyland Paris Town Square Christmas Entrance

Disneyland Paris Christmas Welcome

Perhaps my very favorite area of Disneyland Paris at Christmas is Town Square, which is turned into a veritable winter wonderland. From the blankets of “snow,” to the tiny pine trees that light up the morning and the enormous Christmas tree complete with presents and all, it really feels like the holidays are here (wasn’t it just Halloween?). For the record, I am completely on board.

Town Square During Christmas

Disneyland Christmas Tree and Gazebo

Not to be outdone, the stores surrounding this yuletide masterpiece are decorated head to toe in red, green and gold garland.

Disneyland Paris Town Square Christmas Decorations and Lights


While Town Square looks absolutely charming during the day, just wait until nightfall. Disney’s Magical Christmas Wish illuminates not only the tree, but the garland over Main Street as well, in a rainbow of colors.

Disneyland Paris Christmas Tree

Disneyland City Hall Christmas Decorations

Disneyland Paris Town Square Christmas

I spy a teeny, tiny Mickey Mouse, who greets guests under the Christmas tree during Extra Magic hours. It’s a great way to avoid the longer lines later in the day.

Disneyland Paris Town Square Christmas Tree and Gazebo

Even the paddy wagon gets into the holiday spirit, with traditional green garland adorned with red bows.

Disneyland Paris Paddy Wagon

Disneyland Paris Gazebo at Christmas

Disneyland Paris Train Station Clock

Disneyland Paris Town Square Christmas Decorations

Disneyland Paris Christmas Decorations

The Christmas season has officially arrived at DLP and I for one, could not be more excited. I mean, is there really such a thing as too much Christmas? Didn’t think so.