Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant

The sleeper hit of Main Street USA: Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant, a counter service eatery serving up sandwiches, snacks and tea time treats for both lunch and dinner. WDW veterans might recognize the façade as that of The Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom, even down to it’s location. Here at DLP Victoria’s is sandwiched (see what I did there?) in between Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor and Discovery Arcade.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Piano

There are a lot of cool things about the oft overlooked Victoria’s but the most important of those, ladies and gentlemen, is tomatoes. Delicious, nutritious and frankly, hard to find if you’re not into the whole cherry tomato scene that has taken over Paris’ lycopene market. I will later sing the praises of said tomatoes, but for now, let’s look at where you’ll be eating them.

Modeled after the Victorian-era boarding houses of Mid-West America, Victoria’s feels like stepping into an old fashioned family home with wallpaper, carpets and bird cages, oh my! Trinkets and knick knacks line the shelves, dozens of pictures adorn the walls and Abraham Lincoln makes a special appearance by the organ. Oh yes, there’s an organ, and no, you can’t play it (I tried). But what Victoria’s lacks in organ playing (oh how often must I write that sentence) it more than makes up for in detail. Everywhere you turn there are special things to note like period specific stained glass and exposed electric wiring along the walls and ceilings.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Entrance

The dining rooms are three:

The atrium, with large glass windows and a birdcage or two.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Atrium

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Windows

The family dining room, which anywhere else might be considered flower overload, but here it’s just plain fun.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Dining Room

disneyland paris victoria's homestyle restaurant family dining roomDisneyland Paris Victoria's Pictures

And finally the living room, or as I’ve now dubbed it, the organ room.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Living Room

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Organ

The dining rooms are small, so if at all possible, grab your meal outside of peak dining hours. If timing can’t be helped, take advantage of the outdoor seating just across the way for some great views of Main Street.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Outdoor Seating

And if you listen closely while you’re there, you might even hear some tenants showering (and singing) on the top floor- that is, until the hot water gets a bit too hot, and then it’s more screaming, less singing. On a side note- does he not sound just the littlest bit like Uncle Orville?

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Outside

I was hesitant to try Victoria’s, especially when there is the mecca of hot sandwiches right in Disney Village, also known as Earl of Sandwich. Could their pre-made concoctions hold a candle to my beloved Chipotle Chicken? I reference the Chipotle only because the EOS in Disney Village does not, I repeat, does not offer the best sandwich ever created: the Holiday Turkey. As in, ever.

Never mind year round, at no point during the fall or winter months do they serve this epitome of toasted goodness and yes, I have tried (and failed) to petition the powers that be that it is really in the interest of national security happiness and positive international relations that this testament to Thanksgiving is at least given a shot across the pond. Also on my petition, if you’re interested: dole whips in Disneyland Parc and bringing back those Mickey waffles to Café Fantasia. As you can see it is primarily a food based petition, but rest assured I’m also looking into the,”We know we refurbished Indiana Jones, but failed to make it any more comfortable for your head,” issue . Big things happening people.

But I digress.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Picture

So, sandwiches. There is a pretty limited menu at Victoria’s, only three sandwiches are currently offered along with some tea time snacks like fruitcake and Nutella brioche, making it a nice choice for your pause gourmande moment during the afternoon if you can’t face the crowds at Market House Deli or Cable Car Bake Shop.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Detail

I opted for the combo meal which includes one sandwich, one side and a beverage for about 11 Euros. And as always, don’t forget to show your annual pass for 10% discount. Unfortunately the delicious sounding curried potato and chicken salad wasn’t a side option so I ended up with a sad little bag of grape tomatoes (See! They really are everywhere!) in addition to my hot turkey sandwich pulled straight from the old fashioned looking warmer behind the counter.

Can we also just take a moment to acknowledge that, with the exception of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary food packaging, DLP’s is just the cutest.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Meal

The turkey sandwich comes complete with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato and a yellow spread of unidentifiable ingredients. At first glance I thought, mustard (which would have been très mauvais), but no, rather- I think- it was a very mild curry sauce, almost imperceptible to the average sandwich eating guest. I’m a big fan of curry and curry flavored things but this was so mild that even those on the opposite end of the taste spectrum will probably enjoy it.

Interestingly, this ingredient was not listed on the menu board and, as we all know, there are no substitutions in France (kind of like, “There’s no crying in baseball”) so if you’re weary, best to try something else. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the other meals on the menu here based on this one sandwich alone.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Sandwich

The ingredients were all incredibly fresh, but what I’m really here to talk about are the tomatoes. This tomato has unequivocally made it into my Top 5 Tomatoes of All Time list- not an easy feat. And p.s. what do you mean you don’t have a top tomato list? I agree, it’s not as important as a top pastry or (cutting out the middle man) top chocolate list, but how else do you keep track? Regardless, it was delicious and the same can be said for everything else.

The turkey was lean, the cheese was melted to perfection, the toasted whole grain bread was hearty without being overwhelming, and while it may not look like much, this was a very substantial sandwich. I skipped breakfast and came to Victoria’s borderline starving and left full and satisfied.

Disneyland Paris Victoria's Bread

Overall Victoria’s was a nice surprise for me. Not much is really ever said about the ‘shop around the corner,’ but it’s fresh food coupled with its unique decor and story line make for a pleasant stop along your culinary travels at DLP.


Designing Disney has a great post on how Victoria’s came to be here. Find the full current menu at DLP Guide here.

  • Eddie Sotto

    Just a note to say thank you for noticing the story and detail so loving embedded in these environments even 25 years later. It makes all of us that worked so hard to begin with emotion and then design to achieve it, feel rewarded. – Eddie Sotto, Show Producer/designer for Main Street USA.

    • Paradise Found Around

      Thank you so much Mr. Sotto for the kind words! And the amazing world you’ve helped to create! It has truly touched our lives in a magical way.

      I could spend a lifetime on Main Street USA and still find new and wonderful things to enjoy. But even if we don’t catch them all, it’s that overall impression of the details and loving craftsmanship that makes it such a special place.

      Thank you for checking out our blog and taking the time to comment.