Blondel Meets Bollywood in Passage Brady

If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a lei, a hair cut and some tandoori shrimp ASAP (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) there is only one place in Paris you should be. Happily nestled in the middle of Little Turkey, is in fact, Little India, also known as Passage Brady.

Pooja Paris Passage Brady Exterieur

Once one of 140 passageways built throughout Paris (and in 1828, victoriously held what I’m sure was the coveted title of longest), Passage Brady is now a whisper of what it was. Despite the development of Boulevard de Strasbourg (virtually cutting the passage in half) and the basic neglect of the early 20th century, this glass domed arcade is thriving as a colorful menagerie of restaurants, markets and spice shops with no shortage of nods to Bollywood.

Passage Brady Roof in Paris

Leis on Sale in Passage Brady in Paris
Indian Merchandise in Passage Brady in Paris

Come for the sights, sounds and smells of Pakistan, Mauritian and Indian culture, stay for the inexpensive prix fixe meals – especially at lunch. We’ve already sung the praises of Pooja, but any number of delightful restaurateurs will welcome you as you stroll down toward the Boulevard. The grocery is where you’ll find a dizzying array of spices, incense, oils and exotic produce. Across the way you’ll find brightly colored fabrics and traditional dress. If you’re more comfortable in your head to toe Parisian noir, all is not lost. You can still flâner away an hour without hesitation.

Passage Brady Produce in Paris

Passage Brady
Passage Brady Indian Statue

Passage Brady Indian Pottery

While elegant architecture belongs to Galerie Vivienne and overall charm lends itself more to Passage Jouffroy, Passage Brady is a hidden gem, whose rough and tumble exterior should not dissuade the visitor in search of cheap eats (and hair cuts!), fun finds and friendly people.

Passage Brady. 33 Boulevard de Strasbourg.

  • Claire

    You mention haircuts in Passage Brady. Any recommendations on specific places?

    • Paradise Found Around

      I wish I could give you a specific name but I didn’t catch it for the place I went. I recommend just going for a stroll in the passage and you’ll probably get a similar cut regardless of who you go to since they all seem pretty much the same. The real bargain is for men, who shouldn’t expect to pay anymore than 10 euros for a cut.