Meet the Wisest Man in Paris

Since moving to Paris there has been a large learning curve in overcoming such things as the language, wearing a scarf, renting apartments, standing in lines, killing fruit flies, walking down the street, peeing, driving, the weather, getting haircuts, avoiding low flying birds, properly using paperclips, sitting on the grass, using the post office…the list goes on.

But most importantly we’ve had to learn how to best overcome that age old question of where to eat. More often than not we inadvertently find ourselves following the advice of the same person, and each time come away praising his recommendation.

After several months of having this mysterious Parisian food ninja repeatedly appear in our lives we were left wondering: Who is David Lebovitz?

David Lebovitz Paris Pastry App

David Lebovitz is a shining source of veritable food knowledge, producing an invaluable œuvre in helping put an end to disgracefully eating poorly in the gastronomic capital of the world. He walked away from a dream job at one of America’s best restaurants to pursue a dream life in Paris. He is a New York Times best-selling author. His My Paris Kitchen was named best cookbook of the year by Amazon. He is the co-creator of the helpful Paris Pastry app and has cultivated an essential blog for navigating the delicious (and too often frustrating) realm of Paris.

Having cut out the middle-internet we no longer bother doing a quick search of places to eat. Instead we go straight to his website, and it has yet to steer us wrong. David Lebovitz has become our go-to-source for all things hunger. His innate ability to provide us with exactly what we want never ceases to amaze. With a power like that he should probably become a professional gambler, or president.

But David Lebovitz is more than just a culinary recommending genius. What do the French really mean when they say non? David Lebovitz has the answer. What is an absolute, surefire way to get rich in Paris? David Lebovitz has the answer.  How does one find a good baguette? David Lebovitz has the answer. Why does using logic only get you into trouble in France? David Lebovitz has the answerWhat are the insanely delicious things you should not miss in Paris? David Lebovitz has the answerWhy does it take 2½ hours to wash your clothes in a French washing machine? David Lebovitz has the answer.

All said and done, there is only one question that really need be asked: What would David Lebovitz do?

The Sweet Life by David Lebovitz

After finding that reading his blog and following his Instragamming was not providing enough David Lebovitz, we picked up his book The Sweet Life. I knew we were kindred spirits when, within just a few pages, he mentions how the first time he felt truly Parisian was when he got dressed up to take out the trash, and further on, how he has decided to take a stand against the shoulder-slamming sidewalk storming bousculeur. This is someone I can relate to. And then when we learned he hails from our home state, it sealed the deal. David Lebovitz is officially awesome.

David Lebovitz is our guide through Parisian living, protecting us from the horrors of bureaucratic indifference and bad butter. A bastion of light for any expat trying to navigate the dark world of pas ma faute and ce n’est pas possible.

David Lebovitz Leading the Expatriates

Who is David Lebovitz?

As far as we’re concerned, he is the wisest man in Paris.