Easter in Paris


Just kidding. Well, kind of.

On Friday all the church bells in Paris fly to Vatican City and return on Easter Sunday, bringing with them chocolate pour les enfants and dropping goodies along the way. Since we were pretty sure the bells didn’t yet have our address for Easter delivery, we headed out in search of our own oeufs de Pacques.

Admiring the beautiful creations in the windows of really any chocolatier that we passed was a must for our first holiday abroad. From dinosaur eggs in a dazzling array of colors at Jacques Genin to edible fables at Hugo & Victor, Parisians take their Easter baskets seriously.

Paris Easter Windows

This year our Easter “baskets” consisted of two tiny chocolate rabbits from Stohrer on Rue Montorgueil, the oldest patisserie in Paris and oh so delicious.

Fast forward to Saturday evening, we found ourselves contemplating what to do. This indecisiveness didn’t last long however, because as soon as we heard the word “bonfire,” we knew we’d be headed to Notre Dame and their candlelight vigil celebration.  Apparently we weren’t the only ones because the line to enter snaked itself around the courtyard no less than four times and when we did finally manage our way in, it was standing room only.

Notre Dame Exterior Easter Mass

Candlelight Vigil at Notre Dame during Easter in Paris

Dave Wong, Flickr

French children spend Easter Sunday searching for eggs and treasure throughout Paris. Hunts are organized around the city from Notre Dame to the Tuilieries, which is where we found ourselves that morning, perhaps a little late, because no egg hunts were to be found. C’est la vie. It was still a lovely day to spend among the spring flowers.

Tuileries Easter Sunday Afternoon

Chartier is an eight minute walk from our apartment which is incredibly dangerous for le regime on a daily basis, however this was a holiday and holidays don’t count.. So, on tonight’s menu: lamb and choux chantilly, but first this:

Restaurant Chartier Easter Dinner

Word was out that expat Easter is spent at this charming brasserie in the 10th and the hour long wait deterred no one, ourselves included. The time in line passed quickly though and before we knew it, our first holiday abroad had come to a close.

All in all a trés bon Easter weekend, bien sur.