Paris Pastries

While not exactly a pastry, Berthillon is the one of the best things to happen to summers in Paris. Ever. Strolling along the Seine, accordian music wafting over the bridges, a warm sunset in the distance – it’s all great. But have you tried pairing it with a cone of caramel buerre salé and chocolat noir heaven? Then you’re doing it wrong. Trust me, it ups the ante and then some.

Though Berthillon, the original and only, can be found on the Ile Saint Louis, it’s not always open and when it is you can expect fully merited long lines. Thankfully, many (many, many) other ice cream shops on le petite island carry Berthillon ice cream and play host to ever so slightly smaller lines. Consult the menu at each before committing as not every flavor is available everywhere. When you’re good and ready, place your order, take a deep breath and prepare to never look at Ben & Jerry’s the same way again. Apologies in advance.

Berthillon. 4th arrondissement.