Paris Pastries

Escargot Rhum Raisin.

With so many wonderful bakeries on each and every corner in Paris, why, oh why would you travel all the way to Canal St. Martin in the early morning hours for a pain au raisin- even if it does have that lovely addition of the word rum? Because it’s worth it.

The bakery itself dates back to 1889 and sets the tone for what you are about to consume: absolute perfection crafted with the same traditional methods and care you might expect from a Parisian patisserie in the late 19th century. Flake upon flake of crispy buttered pastry surrounding crème pâtissière and doted with raisins soaked in just enough rum to make it delicious instead of overpowering. Nothing else can compete. It’s just that simple. 

Du Pain et Des Idées. 10th arrondissement.