Paris Pastries

Fraises des bois éclair.

The absolute best thing you’ll eat this month is without a doubt this little number from L’Eclair de Génie (a play on words which means flash of genius and is completely merited). Small but mighty, these tiny fruits translate to mean strawberries of the woods or wild strawberries, but you would be remiss, mes amis, to think that this is just a strawberry eclair.

Fraises des bois look like strawberries but taste like little drops of heaven. I think the words we used to describe our first foray into these petites mystery fruits went something like “best mmMMMMMmmmm thing MMmmmm in MmmmMMMM world nomnomnom” as we looked at each other with knowing glances but unable to form real sentences for fear a crumb would escape our lips. What was that sorcery that just occurred in our mouths?!? It was bliss. The airy choux filled with fraises des bois cream and dotted with three perfectly gold flecked fraises: magical. Like a little pastry unicorn of happiness.

Your eyes may glaze over as you enter the holy grail of eclairs but do not let those rows upon rows of gorgeous treats deter you from your mission. Fraises des bois are only in season a few short months and your duty is to consume all of them. Trust me, it’s worth it.

L’Eclair de Génie. 4th arrondissement.