Paris Pastries

La Forêt.

Come Christmastime in Paris there is certainly no shortage of deliciously delicious treats to have and to hold- and for which you will happily don your stretchiest of pantalons. But, when you spy something red and sparkly and adorned with it’s very own tiny reindeer, everything must be put on hold for further investigation. And of course by investigation I mean to eat it.

I went into La Grand Epicerie de Paris for butter and somehow ended up at the pastry case (a regular occurrence) and finally, with the delightful looking La Forêt in my bag. I really didn’t care what was in it at first- it had all the components of an adorable ornament and it was edible- how could anyone pass that up?

Upon digging in I had my pretty tasty answer: a biscuit layered with praline, pecans and almonds over chocolate mousse, all surrounded by a bright red coating (best not to think about it) and a ‘snow’ of gold sparkles. Nut lovers rejoice in this one- it’s much more savory than sweet with the light as air mousse adding just a hint of chocolate. Overall, not especially for me, but definitely worth a try if you favor noix or incredibly festive cakes perfect for the holiday season. Plus reindeer.

La Grande Epicerie de Paris, Bon Marché. 7th arrondissement.