Paris Pastries

Saint-Honoré Rose.

Eating flowers doesn’t really appeal to most people. Understood and validated. But most people haven’t tried the Saint-Honoré Rose by Ladurée. Flavored with rose and raspberry, the geniuses at this proverbial Parisian favorite have somehow managed to translate the essence of the world’s most romantic flower into an edible masterpiece. Mounds of rose crème chantilly dotted with whole raspberries sit atop rose fondant covered pâte à choux which in itself contains fresh raspberry filling. There’s a lot going on there, but none of the flavors seem to overpower the others. The star of this show is the light as air cream with just a breath of rose in each bite – but really it’s all just so darn delicious that no one would hold it against you if you marched right back over there and ordered up another.

If anyone can convince you to eat more flowers, it’s these guys. Next up for me? Violet.

Ladurée. 6th arrondissement.