Paris Pastries

Tarte aux Fraises.

It seems so simple. Strawberries, cream, not-too-sweet crust. It’s a wonder in this, the mecca of all that is good and right in the pastry world, that so many can get it wrong. And by wrong I don’t mean wrong (I’ve almost never met a strawberry tarte in Paris that I didn’t enjoy) but rather in the sense that they aren’t living up to their full potential – they’re too fancy and too much.  With so many stellar options out there, these simple pastries really have to bring their A-game. Simple is always best but it’s also the hardest sometimes.

With that out of the way I present to you Tarte aux Fraises, Gérard Mulot style. Light crème pâtissiere atop a crisp crust and garnished with fresh berries. That’s all and that’s all there needs to be. It’s a rare taste of spring in the winter, a refreshing treat during the hot summer months and a good decision just about every other day as well.

I’m beginning to understand that you really can’t go wrong with anything at anytime at Gérard Mulot.

Gérard Mulot. 3rd arrondissement.