Paris Pastries

Tarte Infiniment Vanille.

Let me start of by saying I am firmly on Team Chocolate. Really, I am. But when Pierre Hermé’s Tarte Infiniment Vanille stood before me, I absolutely could not be stopped from ordering what may be the very best vanilla flavored anything in the history of the world. Blending Madagascan, Tahitian and Mexican vanilla flavors with a vanilla crème mousse, the patisseurs then tuck this cylindrical piece of bliss into a biscuit cuillère soaked in vanilla syrup and filled with vanilla ganache. Topped with a silky vanilla glaze made of white chocolate, it almost looks too good to eat. Almost.

Surprisingly, this tasty treat doesn’t leave you sick from sweetness- just wishing for more. Vanilla lovers unite! (And also the rest of us because it’s seriously that good.)

But p.s. I still love you chocolate.

Pierre Hermé. 6th arrondissement.