Paris Pastries

Tarte Tatin.

It’s an apple. It’s an apple, caramelized in sugar and butter (and not just any butter, French butter) and baked with a biscuit base that finds the perfect balance of crunch, chew and awesome. And while it may appear to be an entire apple, looking closely you’ll see it’s actually several delightful layers instead – which help keep the stiffness of many a tarte tatin out and the goodness of this one in. The bonus: no core (is there anything about this that doesn’t appeal to you right now?), just more tasty compote.

As far as I’m concerned as soon as you use the word apple, it’s basically health food. I mean, it’s fall and you’re going to be eating lots of apples, so you might as well eat them this way, right?

And, as the old adage goes, a tarte tatin a day keeps the doctor away.

Blé Sucré.  12th arrondissement.