Paris Pastries


Entering Gérard Mulot is a bit like stepping into a delicious, pastry filled dream. With so many ridiculously amazing offerings, how can we be expected to ever narrow it down to just one? Well, if you’ve only got a credit card, apparently you don’t have to.

While gleefully purchasing my Bûche de Noël during the holiday season, I was informed that there was, unbeknownst to me (I swear), a minimum charge for all credit cards used at the store. Having left the house sans euros, I would simply have to return to the pastry case and choose something else. Oh the horror! 

And that my friends, is how I ended up with three pastries instead of two (read and learn people!) and at home with the Troubadour. A slightly sweet shortbread base that gives way to an extra creamy caramel and salted butter spread, lightly dusted with cocoa powder. Top that off with what the pâtisserie is calling “chocolate frosting milk” and a light coffee mousse dome, covered with melt in your mouth caramel and voilà! – you’ve successfully converted me into a salted butter caramel lover. I ask you, is there anything Mulot can’t make you love?

Now, I could tell you that the credit card minimum may not be enforced regularly or I could say that the minimum has actually increased, requiring the purchase of no less than four pastries from the case on any given visit. Who can really say what you’ve read here today? Do with that what you will.

Gérard Mulot. 6th arrondissement.