The Hypnotic Appeal of a Wet Paris

It has been raining in Paris for what seems like all of April and May, so if you’re like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris and love la pluie then Paris is the place for you right now. But even if you don’t enjoy walking around in the pouring rain and are not of the mind that the city is at it’s most beautiful when it is raining, it is hard to deny the attractive gleam of Paris when it is wet.

Paris Bistrot in the Rain

Jennie Filer Photography,

Montmartre Steps After Rain

Shaun Hamblin, Flickr

Place de la Sorbonne, Paris

G*C*, Flickr

Paris Bike Lane after Rain

Ben Pons, Flickr

Luxembourg Gardens in the Rain

Larry Gerbrandt, Flickr

Woman Walking in Place de la Concorde in the Rain

Carlos Pinho, Flickr

Paris Vélib Station in Rain

Danielle St-Arnaud McKenzie (Flickr: DSAMK) All Rights Reserved.

Paris Cafe Under the Rain

Frantz JRF, Flickr

All that being said, enough already Paris. You look pretty good in the sunlight too.