Bobblin’ Around the World

Travel light is a motto I like to follow when going anywhere, but one item I cannot do without no matter where I am is a bobble.

I’m a big fan of water. But I’ve never really been able to find the right fit for a water bottle. That is until I was standing in the checkout line at Old Navy one day, half-glancing over at the shelves expecting to see those weird things no one ever buys and instead having my mind blown by what I saw:

Bobble Water Bottles

Fast forward to today, and the bobble water bottle has become the unofficial mascot of my traveling life.

Bobble Water Bottle Around Morocco

The bobble could not be more unassuming. It’s simple. It comes with its own filter. It has a pleasing shape to hold and color scheme to look at. It is recyclable. And BPA-free.1

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the bobble company nor do they, or have they ever, paid me to write such wonderful things about them.2 I’m just a well-quenched customer.

Bobble Water Bottle Around Marrakech

Of everything that’s going in bobble’s favor, its best asset, and the reason I have chosen it to satisfy my thirst needs, is how convenient it is for travel. It’s durable and small enough to forget I even have it on me, not to mention cheap enough at under $10 that if I do lose it, it won’t feel catastrophic. As a result, since that fateful day in line at Old Navy when we first met, the bobble has had a recurring role in all my travels.

Bobble Water Bottle Around Venice Carnavale

Forget carrying around some travel mascot, like a stuffed bear, some stupid picture on a stick, or a random tchotchke you’d find in the free box at a tag sale. Unlike those utterly useless objects, the bobble provides the source of life. You can’t live without water. You know what you can life without? A 5 pound garden gnome taking up half your luggage.

Of note is how especially handy the bobble has been while living in Paris, where the water flows like wine and there’s a Wallace Fountain on every corner just waiting to top you off.

Bobble Water Bottle Around Eiffel Tower

Bobble Water Bottle Around Louvre

Bobble Water Bottle Wallace Fountain Paris

In honor of all bobble has provided me with (namely water), I am creating a pictorial of our journeys together. You can follow the adventures bobble and I have hydrating around the world at #BobblinAround on Twitter.

Bobble Water Bottle Around Sahara Desert

Bobble Water Bottle Around Oktoberfrest
Bobble Water Bottle Around Madrid

Bobble Water Bottle Around Giverny

Sure, saying “my bobble” sounds like I’m a two year-old with separation anxiety, but I don’t use it for its name, I use it for the sweet, delicious water it provides my mouth. And also, because it looks great in pictures.

Bobble: it’s like holding the source of life in your hands wherever you go.3

Bobble Water Bottle Power

  1. If there’s one surefire way to get me to buy into something, it is by appealing to my desire to live longer.

  2. Of course if they’d like to throw some of the gajillions I’m sure their raking in my way, I’d be ok with it. I will also accept bobble filters.

  3. That one’s free.