Where The French Hide All Their Pumpkins

The unexpected sleeper hit of our week long journey into Loire castle country was Château de Chaumont, nestled in between the towns of Blois and Amboise. Despite the overcast sky and rainy start to the morning, by the time we reached the castle door, it had turned into the perfect day. Chaumont was dressed in its fall best, with vibrant mums along the walkways and more pumpkins than you could hope to find in the entire city of Paris.

Castle Chaumont Grounds

Chaumont Castle Pumpkins

Built on a hill overlooking the river Loire, Château de Chaumont boasts unbelievable vistas, courtesy of the fourth wing they actually knocked down to take advantage of the view. Its history involves familiar faces such as Catherine de’ Medici and Diane de Poitiers (Catherine essentially traded it for Chenonceau), the former of which entertained the likes of Nostradamus at Chaumont.

Château de Chaumont Walkway

Details of Chaumont Castle
Chaumont Towers

Chateau de Chaumont and Gardens

West Façade of Chateau de Chaumont
Château de Chaumont Autumn Tree

If you fancy your châteaux with a side of les artistes, Chaumont hosts an International Garden Festival each year and during this time, modern art installations can be found throughout the castle grounds in addition to the expansive area reserved exclusively for exhibits.

Château de Chaumont Roof

Gourds at the Château de Chaumont

Chaumont Pumpkin Entrance
Château de Chaumont Wild Flowers

Château de Chaumont, though not considered one of the heavy hitters on the party circuit, can definitely hold its own against the big guys. It really, truly, should not be missed.

Chaumont Castle Grounds

Château de Chaumont Entrance